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    Fitness is an integral part of our well being, with fun and enjoyable workout routines being the core for most successful long term programs. We have a collection here of exercise accessories mainly geared towards aerobics and pilates/yoga, with a wide selection of exercise balls, stabilty cushions and accessories, ergonomic aids and inversion tables.

    We carry the prominent TOGU fitness line of mainly inflatable, fun colored fitness items like fitness balls, stability step trainers, neck rests for floor exercises and more. An exercise ball has as many names as colors, some names with which you may be familiar are core exercise ball, stability exercise ball, stability ball, swiss exercise ball, swiss ball, elliptical exercise ball, exercise ball pilates, etc. An exercise ball system is great for almost anyone of any fitness level, including elderly and pregnant individuals. An exercise ball workout can range from intense fat blasting cardio, to light stretching and stability exercise. If you are considering starting an exercise ball system, consult with your physician as with any program, and search online for workout programs suited to your goals and needs. Hundreds of web pages are dedicated to offering free exercise ball workouts and exercise ball instructions. Most fitness balls for exercise arrive with basic fitness ball chart exercises and fitness ball uses also. Many programs are available directed for pregnancy fitness ball exercises, exercise ball lower back strengthening, fitness ball exercise weight loss programs, exercise ball abdominal beginners exercises, and more. It is a good idea to find a program you like, and see what is required so will be completely prepared. See what sizes of balls are used, if a ball bowl, exercise ball stand or ball stability aid is recommended, if you will want a floor mat, etc. If you are ordering 2 or more exercise balls, consider an exercise ball storage solution. If you will be taking the ball with you to the gym, a class, or a friends, you might want an exercise ball carrier / exercise ball handle for easier transport.
    TOGU exercise balls we carry include the exercise Powerball ABS, Powerball Premium ABS, Powerball Extreme ABS, Powerball Challenge ABS, Spirit Ball, and Redondo Ball. These are all have different weight limits and cater to different exercise programs. Be sure to understand and read the specifications. If you are planning on combining the exercise ball with heavy weights, or weigh more than 265 lbs, it would be wise to opt for the Extreme or Challenge. The Redondo ball and Spirit fitness balls are light weight exercise balls, suited for occasional light exercise without heavy weights. All of the balls that denote ABS feature the TOGU ABS ball system, meaning they are anti burst fitness balls, anti burst stability balls, and anti burst exercise balls that, if punctured externally, will not burst suddenly, but rather release air slowly for the safety of the user. Always look for burst resistant exercise balls or an ABS exercise ball when more rigorous, frequent activity and weights will be a part of your program.
    Some of the exercise balls come with the exercise ball pump, fitness ball pump, yoga ball pump,or swiss ball pump, and others do not. The details section will tell you if it is included. If not, it would be wise to include a value priced ball pump to inflate and adjust the pressure.
    Exercise ball sizes you can find here include small to medium exercise balls like a 45 cm exercise ball, 55 cm exercise ball, or 55cm stability ball. Large exercise ball sizes are the 65 exercise ball, 65 cm exercise ball 75 cm exercise ball, 75cm exercise ball, etc. Extra large exercise balls are an 85 cm exercise ball. Buy exercise balls from and save money on your way to fitness!

    The AERO Step XL is a step training platform,or aerobic step platform, which is perfect for step aerobic steps, aerobic step exercise, step for aerobics, aerobic step systems and other situations in which you would use step aerobic equipment. These are also inflatable for customizable pressure support. The Dynair Ball Cushion XXL is stability trainer designed to strengthen the spinal muscles, improve flexibility of the vertebrae, for relaxation therapy, simple relaxation, abdominal muscle training, neck massages and more.

    The deluxe inversion table is a gravity inversion table, meaning it allows you reverse gravity, or go upside down. Inversion achieved by an inversion therapy table helps your body to recover from the compression effects of gravity and daily activities. Inversion table benefits you by stimulating circulation of blood to relieve stiff and painful muscles, increases body flexibility, clears muscle congestion, and increases physical and mental energy. Inversion table back benefits are many, to, and it is used to treat many conditions of the spine.

    Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our exercise equipment, fitness products or fitness aids. We are happy to help you select the best product for your needs and save you money while doing so. We frequently add new items and have discount fitness items for sale, so stop by and see us more!