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Aquapat Steam Showers has a large selection of steam rooms from the most trusted steam bath manufacturers such as Ariel steam showers, Ariel Platinum Steam Showers, Royal SSWW steam showers, Ameristeam steam showers. Whether it's a discount steam shower, small steam shower, luxury steam shower, or steam shower whirlpool bath you are shopping for, we are sure to have it at the best price online.
      Steam showers are desired for consumers for their multifunctional abilities. You can enjoy a refreshing steam bath, rainfall shower, hand-held shower and body massage jets , listen to the radio and more in one convenient unit. Many steam showers also have whirlpool baths incorporated into the design. We carry the more traditional bathroom showers and Steam shower enclosures in very classic designs that blend with most existing fixtures and modern steamshower units that complement today's updated bathroom remodels. Many steam shower units offer such wide range of features and options that you may never want to leave your steam spa!

     "What is the best steam shower to buy?" is a question we receive often. While no one answer will suit everyone, offers the most respected brands and a very large selection. To determine what steam shower enclosure will work best for your home, you should assess a few main topics: dimensions, appearance, and features.
You should carefully measure the space you have available in you bathroom, taking into consideration walking room and storage space, as well as the other bathroom fixtures. Steam showers with whirlpool tubs may be a good idea for smaller bathrooms where a separate shower and bath are not practical. Many steam shower and steam shower whirlpool units are made to fit into a standard bathtub alcove (60" x 35"), while others are small, stand up units that can fit in almost any bathroom. Large 2 person steam showers are great for master bathrooms, and the corner steam showers can utilize wasted corner space to make more room in the bathroom.
      Next, assess your style. Your new home steam shower should fit into your current design or remodel. If all of your fixtures are traditional, stick with one of the more understated steam showers. If your design is very modern, look for a modern steam shower unit with lines and nuances similar to the rest of your bathroom. If you are not yet sure how you want the rest of your bathroom to look, you can always choose a more neutral design of steam shower.
      Some features that are available with our residential steam showers include rainfall showers, starlight ceilings, back jets, built in seats, a walk-in design, radio, telephone, remotes, whirlpool bathtubs, ozone sterilization, two person showers and seating, and more. Decided what features are most important to you, and then browse the steam showers that will fit your space and style for the right combination for your home.

      The residential home steam shower has certainly become the "must-have" bathroom fixture recently, and it is easy to see why. In addition to all the creature comforts steam shower units provide, steam itself has been a part of healthy living for centuries for its ability to speed up the body's natural detoxification and de-stressing processes, which is needed now more then ever. Steam baths are quite amazing, and here are a few of our favorite reasons to own a residential steam shower:
      Stress Reduction & Relaxation : Currently, estimates show up to 75% of all doctor visits are due to stress and stress related disorders. The hectic life styles we lead today can take quite a toll. It is well known that chronic stress has many ill-effects on our health, immunity, weight, etc. and has been shown time and time again to lead to illness and disease. When we are under stress, capillaries contract, but the heat and steam from a steam shower room or steam sauna cause them to relax to a normal state again. A shower with steam can ease a great deal of your daily stress simply through increasing circulation. During a steam session, Blood flow to the skin can increase by up to 60%, which in turn increases the nutrients brought to tissues\ and stimulates cellular growth and activity. Steam Showers are also known to cause the body and mind to physically relax and release endorphins, the feel good hormones that naturally alleviate stress, tension, and fatigue.  
      Rejuvenation :  When the body and mind are de-stressed and detoxified, the feeling of well being can certainly increase. Cleaning up the mind and body can make us feel unburdened, healthier, and refreshed after a long day. Over the years many people have described and detailed the ability of steam to improve skin, health, and circulation, all relaxing the body, which in turn relaxes the mind. This sense of relaxation and purification leaves the individual feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after their steam shower bath.
       Detoxification : Heat speeds up the chemical process of waste removal from the body  and remains one of the most comfortable, simple solutions to ridding the body of toxins. Studies have shown that 30% of our bodily wastes are supposed to be expelled naturally through the skin by sweating. However, many people today do not meet this objective due to lack of physical work and an overly sedentary life. The skin of most people today is rarely made to sweat, therefore is pretty ineffective in eliminating ever increasing environmental toxins. Taking sauna or steamshower baths regularly (at least once or twice a week) can help to restore and revitalize the skin's natural cleansing activity. A sauna or steam shower quickly and efficiently flushes out sweat and excess H2O. While no official studies have been done on the actual detoxification process, many schools of medicine believe quite strongly in detoxification. We encourage you to study different arguments and form your own educated opinions on the matter. offers several types of home steam shower units to suit your needs. Steam room saunas, corner steam shower, portable steam shower rooms, computerized steam shower, glass steam shower, and steam shower hot tub are some of the items you can find here. All of our steam shower enclosures are self contained steam shower units, including all parts necessary to enjoy your steam shower such as the steam shower doors, hand-held shower head, steam shower generators, steam shower massage jets, steam shower head, steam shower lighting, and of course the steam shower cabin. Some steam shower enclosures are equipped with whirlpool bath tubs, chromotherapy lighting, rainfall showerheads, steam shower seats, stereo/cd/telephone capabilities, LCD panel controls, ozone sanitization, and more. A steam shower enclosure comes with complete steam shower installation instructions for your licensed plumber or electrician and remains cheaper and much easier than building a steam shower.
The steam jacuzzi and whirlpool steam showers feature a steam shower enclosure with an integrated steam shower tub with complete with massage jets. A jacuzzi steam shower is probably the most popular of our steam shower units because you can enjoy a relaxing steam shower, then indulge in a nice soak or hot tub to complete the experience. These steamshower units also are space savers. These also are available as a 2 person steam shower for those that desire room for two.
     One of the newer innovations is a steam room sauna combo or sauna and shower combo, which is a steam shower unit with a built in sauna. The complete steam shower system resides next to either a Finnish sauna or far infrared sauna and is separated by dual sliding doors. For those look for a truly relaxing and multi-use steam shower spa and dry sauna, the sauna showers are a perfect solution.

     Discount steam shower units from are the best choice whether you are remodeling your bathroom, or simply wish for a more relaxing experience. We are able to offer you the best steam shower price, guaranteed, and we constantly have steam shower sales and specials for our valued customers. If you are ready experience the benefits steam & shower with high end steam shower construction, we are glad to assist. Feel free to browse our steam shower reviews and resources or give us a call for your personal consultation. If you are remodeling your entire bathroom, be sure to ask about our bathroom remodeling package specials!